DSee.Lab Holographic Led Fan

Is my DSee.Lab LED fan capable of playing sound in a video?

The answer is: Yes.

The DSee.Lab Holographic LED Fan is equipped with a Bluetooth, which means it can connect with a Bluetooth speaker!

 OK, then tell me how to connect my Bluetooth speaker with my DSee.Lab fan?

That's pretty simple. 

What you need to do is put your DSee.Lab fan and your speaker close to each other, and they will pair automatically! That's it.

* Not all models are equipped with this sound feature. Inquiry before purchase.






  • Rodrigo Silva dos

    Is the 65H equipped with BT áudio function? How can I put it on ?

  • Richie

    Is the 65H equipped with BT audio function? “they will pair automatically”… seriously, without any intervention?? I’m unable to pair my BT speaker.. usually the sending device (in this case the dSee-Fan) has to initiate a BT scan, then select a BT speaker which is in discoverable mode.. so how can we start the BT scan and select which speaker to pair with? You guys should really invest some time in writing a proper documentation and manual. e.g. the password to use the live video streaming function is not documented, it’s buried somewhere in a comment log. Great product, poor documentation!!

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