DSeeLab presents the new hologram display to you: the 1 meter DSee-100z, also called the DSee.Lab 1m version. 

Yes, the diameter is 1 meter. Think about it. It's huge and stunning.

This time, the holographic technology seen in Tony Stark's lab is realized.

I'd say it is the coolest stuff I've seen in 2017.

The technology it is using is called POV:  Persistence of Vision

This product is design for advertising.

It is expected to revolutionize the advertising industry.

This product is best for shopping centers, malls,  stores. 

Imagine this: your product is floating in the air, spinning... 

Wouldn't that be the most attractive scene that can grab all pedestrians' eyeballs? 

Arousing their curiosities and converting them to your customers.

Not only malls and stores, restaurant, museum and any other places are perfect applications, too.



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