How to use the DSeeLab Hologram Display?

DSeeLab App

DSeeLab 3D Holographic Display Instructions

1. Download the DSeeLab app and install it on your phone or pc.

    For iOS:          Search DSeeLab in App store.

    For Android:   Click here to download.

    For MAC: Click here to download.

    For PC: Click here to download.


2. Supply power to the DSeeLab Hologram Display Device

3. Open your phone, navigate to your phone's Settings->WiFi, you'll see there is a new WiFI source whose name starts with 'dsee'. Click it to connect to it.

    You will be asked to input a key. The 8-digit key could be found on the remote or on the label at the back of your device. 

4. After your phone is connected to the device, open the app on your phone, refresh the app. 

5. Now you are all set! Only use the app to upload and manage videos and images.



  • Philippe Levy

    In fact, how can you choose to see only one of the videos coming from the playlist ?

  • Philippe Levy

    Is it possible to choose among video uploaded on the ios application dsee to see only one of them

  • Jack

    hi mitsu, the LIVE feature is now available.

  • mitsu

    Hi. When can I use the LIVE option?

  • Jack

    for the method to mount, please refer to the section "Mounting Installation " in the user’s manual:

  • Vikram

    How do you mount Dsee.Lab fan. Kindly prepare a video and post.

  • Jack

    Hello ベン, you can switch to the US appstore to download.

  • ベン


  • Karl Schodt

    regarding Bens message on the 10th March. had the same problem. easy solution. Its caused by the holoblade being set to slave mode. You need to set it back to host mode.
    look at the user manual for instructions but basically restart your unit and then press the reset button at the back.
    you then can pair the remote by following the instructions in the manual for this.The remote wont work in slave mode.

  • Karl Schodt

    how do you connect the unit to a bluetooth speaker to get audio playback?

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