How to use the DSeeLab Hologram Display?

DSeeLab App

DSeeLab 3D Holographic Display Instructions

1. Download the DSeeLab app and install it on your phone or pc.

    For iOS:          Search DSeeLab in App store.

    For Android:   Click here to download.

    For MAC: Click here to download.

    For PC: Click here to download.


2. Supply power to the DSeeLab Hologram Display Device

3. Open your phone, navigate to your phone's Settings->WiFi, you'll see there is a new WiFI source whose name starts with 'dsee'. Click it to connect to it.

    You will be asked to input a key. The 8-digit key could be found on the remote or on the label at the back of your device. 

4. After your phone is connected to the device, open the app on your phone, refresh the app. 

5. Now you are all set! Only use the app to upload and manage videos and images.



  • Jack

    Hello vrioop, no it does not support mac. It support Windows. You don’t need a computer to control it. You can control it by phones, it supports all phones (iphone, androids).

  • vrioop

    is it support Mac

  • Jack

    Hello Ben,
    This could be caused by inappropriate operation of the reset button.
    Please follow the instructions in our online manual :
    Please follow the section “Remote control instructions” to pair your remote with the device.

  • Ben

    My DSee-50 does not cycle through my videos.
    It completes 1 video and then freezes.
    Also, the remote control does not work. Is there a way to connect it? I installed a new Duracell DL2016 battery.

  • Jack

    Hello Favio,
    1. The live option is not working now. It will work later. It is used to display, on your computer, the same video as that one being displayed on the fan screen. Just to help you not to mess up with multiple units.
    2. You can not do the long distance control for now. In the future version, it may be possible.

  • Favio

    Hi, I have two question about the software for Pc.
    1. How can I use the LIVE option and what is it for?
    2. Can I control the Hologram Display and the Play List to long distance? For example have the Hologram Display in a Mall and make changes from my office.

  • Jack

    Hello chika,
    Yes, we started to add the back mounting plate to those styles without protecting cover.

  • chika

    Thank you for your rapid response.
    It was very helpful!!
    I have another question,
    Does the back plate are attached to the type without the protective cover?
    I’m considering purchasing additional types without protective cover.

  • Jack

    Hi chika,
    Yes, you can control multiple units by one computer.
    Yes, you can connect multiple units to project one large screen.
    How? →

  • chika

    Hi, can i control multiple 3D holograms by one computer (with app for PC)
    And is it possible to connect a plurality of 3D holograms to project one large image?
    if its possible, could you tell me how to operate?

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