How to use the DSeeLab Hologram Display?

DSeeLab App

DSeeLab 3D Holographic Display Instructions

1. Download the DSeeLab app and install it on your phone or pc.

    For iOS:          Search DSeeLab in App store.

    For Android:   Click here to download.

    For MAC: Click here to download.

    For PC: Click here to download.


2. Supply power to the DSeeLab Hologram Display Device

3. Open your phone, navigate to your phone's Settings->WiFi, you'll see there is a new WiFI source whose name starts with 'dsee'. Click it to connect to it.

    You will be asked to input a key. The 8-digit key could be found on the remote or on the label at the back of your device. 

4. After your phone is connected to the device, open the app on your phone, refresh the app. 

5. Now you are all set! Only use the app to upload and manage videos and images.



  • Jack

    Hello Brian, yes. Please download the windows version app by clicking the link provided above.

  • Brian Hepler

    Can we get a link to PC software as well? Windows or Ubuntu, I don’t particularly care which.

  • Jack

    Hello Sidney, no. the current version does not support streaming.

  • Sidney

    Hi. Can you directly stream video to display? And/ or control the displays LEDs via a light controller/DMX protocol device?

  • Jack

    Hi o\\, yes, the software is in English.

  • o\\

    Does software come in English?

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