It is easy to synchronize multiple units of DSeeLab Hologram Displays to make a bigger screen.

For example, you want to use 4 units to display DSeeLabs logo video:


Firstly, you should split your big video into 4 small videos, like this:

Q: Use what software to split videos?

A: There are a lot of software can split videos, for example After Effect.

    You can also google 'video split free' 'free video split software'


Then, just use the wires (included in the shipping package when you buy multiple units) to connect multiple units together (The order of slaves doesn't matter.), like this figure:


Then, you should upload each video to the corresponding device.

You should set one device to the Master mode, set the other devices to Slave mode. (How to switch between modes? see this: User's Manual)

You only need to control the "master" unit to play.

(4 units combination)

Give it a try, super cool!

You can connect many units as you want:

                (6 units combination)                                  (9 units combination)


How to calculate the overlaps?

When fans overlap on each other, the diameter of the fans become shorter. 

Here are some examples. 



See one video example: 



  • Jack

    Hello Conchita, sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean.

  • Conchita

    Wish sw do you recommend for making the best 4d videos for selling spot

  • Jack

    Hi Stephano,
    I should revise my answer.
    You should split your videos and upload them to corresponding devices separately.
    The left-up corner device is usually the master.
    See this

  • stephano

    Thank you for your rapid response. I have another question, are the device’s pixel accurate and which software should I use to upload my video clips? Let’s say I have 5 spinner devices and want to sync them to display one video, which spinner should the master be?

    Lets say the X’s below are my devices which should be the master and which should be the first device to plug into the master and so on…

    x x
    x x

    Thank you!

  • stephano

    Do I just upload one video to the “master” and will it automatically show on all connected spinners? or do I have to program it to do so?

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