Holographic Display User’s Manual




Never disassemble the device without instructions!

Never try to remove the TF card from the device!



Product Introduction

DSeeLabs 3D Holographic Display utilizes POV theory to display figures and videos to human’s bare eyes. The spinning lines of color-changing LEDs produce 3D views in the air. The device is energy efficient and made of the highest quality of China’s modern manufacturing industry.


Product Preview



A: Indicator LED

B: Reset button

C: Slave interface 2

D: Slave interface 1

E: Power interface


Power interface: use the AC adapter to supply power

Slave interface: used to connect to slave devices

Reset button: switch between master/slave modes; pair with remotes

Indicator led: indicating power supply, on/off, modes, etc.



Remote control instructions

Run: turn the device from ‘stand-by’ to ‘running’

Stop: turn the device from  ‘running’ to ‘stand-by’

: play the prior

: play from the first

: play the next




Operation instruction

  1. Supply power

Plug in the power cord, all LEDs will on and then off. At the back of the device, the indicator led is now in red.

  1. Pair the remote

When the device is in ‘stand-by’ status, push the reset button. You’ll see the indicator led turned into blue.

Now, point your remote control to the device, and push the 100% button on the remote.

You’ll see the blue LED flashing and then turned into red.


  1. Turn on/off

Push the Run/stop button.


  1. Shuffle the playlist

Use these buttons:



  1. Switch Mode

You can switch the mode of the device between Master and Slave.

When you are using only one device to display, use it in the Master mode.

When you are connecting multiple devices to display together, you should have only one Master device and the others should be in the Slave mode.

You can never control a device in its Slave mode by remote control.

  • Switch modes

When the device is in ‘stand-by’ mode, push the reset button on the back of the device. You’ll see the indicator turned from red to off, this means your device is in Slave mode now.

When your device is in Slave mode, the indicator turned to red, this means your device is in Master mode now.

  • Connections of multiple devices

You should have only one master mode device, the others should be set as slave mode.



  1. Control using apps on cellphone and computers





Mounting Installation 

The fan can be mounted to any surfaces/objects using the mounting system.

The first step is to fix the mounting system to the object using bolts:

The second step is to slip the back of your fan into the recess of the mounting system. Done!




Prepare Videos/Figures






  • Jack

    Yes, Dwayne, you can stream a live video.

  • Jack

    hi Joe, please describe your question to the customer service email. https://www.dseelabs-us.com/pages/contact-dseelabs

  • Joe Chastain

    started loading videos through wifi, first one worked, then rebooted. No longer connects to wifi or creates its own network. runs, but after dsee boot up it’s just black.

    tried reset button, nothing works. what should i do?

  • Sven

    Hi, three questions:
    1. You wrote: “Never try to remove the TF card from the device!”
    Why? I thought I have to take the card and put some films on it and formatted the TF card to FAT32 and saved a mp4 in the root cause my PC said. “Mus be formatted”
    2. Since formatting the WIFI signal is gone and the HOLO 50 is not showing his WIFI signal anymore. :(
    3. How to format the tf card and how should the folder structure be?

    I can’t use my HOLO: No WIFI and when he runs he shows nothing :(
    Please advise. Greets from Berlin.

  • Dwayne

    Can you stream a live video with the device?

  • Jack

    Hi Eric, to upload a video to the device, you need the app.
    Please check this page: https://www.dseelabs-us.com/blogs/blog/how-to-use-the-dseelab-hologram-display

  • Eric

    please can you tell me how I can load the video to the equipment?

  • Jack

    Yes, Jon, use the reset button on the back.

  • jon

    i can not get the unit to switch between modes. I have tried it when unit is not spinning and when unit is spinning. Is there a way to factory reset the unit?

  • Jack

    Hello chika, You need to make sure your device is NOT in slave mode and you need to reset the device.
    See the comment from Karl Schodt on this page: https://www.dseelabs-us.com/blogs/blog/how-to-use-the-dseelab-hologram-display

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