DSee-65X (1024x1024)

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DSee.Labs Hologram 3D LED FAN Display 65cm extreme HD version

Model name: DSee-65X with 4 Blades

What is included: 3D LED Fan, Remote controller, Power Adaptor, 

Customer servicesTechnical supportOne-Year warranty  

Size: 65 cm

Resolution: 1024x1024

Fan Color: Black 

Power: 24V, 3A ( AC-100~200V and 50/60Hz power provided)

Capability: jpg, jpeg, gif, mp4, avi, rmvb, mpeg, and lots others.


      *Can be controlled by PC, iOS, Androids 

      *Can set auto on/off from the DSee.Labs app 

      *50,000 hours lifetime!      

Figures represent the conceptual design.  




1. Q: Do you ship to my country?

    A: Yes, we ship to the globe.

2. Q: How many days does it take to deliver?

    A: It usually takes 4-7 days to most countries.

3. Q: How to upload videos to the fan?

    A: Use apps, can be downloaded here.

4. Q: Instead of uploading videos, can I let it play a live streaming video?

    A: Yes, this can be done using the "live" feature in the app.

5. Q: Does it come with a mounting system?

    A: Yes. There is a mounting system included in the package, you can mount it to any surfaces/stands.

6. Q: What is the return policy? Warranty?

    A: See the return and warranty policy here.

7. Q: How to connect the app to the device?

    A: The app runs on your computer or phone. Your computer or phone should be connected to the fan via wifi.

8. Q: Can I use a remote control?

    A: Yes, there is a remote included in the package.